Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009


Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. It is the 4th time I have Christmas without my family. There are pros and cons. lol...

Hope you have a great time in this season of greetings.

Take care. Peace out!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

frust! and cure?

I am going to turn 23 soon. Feeling kind of old~~~ duh...

Over with my final exam papers for this trimester. Currently having free time on my hands and is getting bored. What should I do for fun??? Hmm...

I have been thinking, regretting and trying to resolute on my views on life. What good deeds have I done for myself and others? What should I have done instead to avoid those bad stuffs from happening again? Hmm... I really am still growing mentally and emotionally. Aargghhh... the worst part is that I gained 10kg in 1 year! WTH!!! It's freaking 10KG!!! Haizz... I am so doomed! Something must have gone wrong at some point. How can I turn things around?


I know, I know. I should have more self-discipline and self-constraints. Haiz... Whatever. So many frustrations and so many regrets... I am so freaking emo right now~~~

Tired, wanna sleep. Night.

Here is something to spice up my emo emo situation. haha...

This one too.

I don't really understand what is the song about. However, they gave me a feeling of saying good bye to those bad memories and welcoming and hoping for new good things to happens. haha...

Aaahh... found it!

L'arc-En-Ciel - The Fourth Avenue Cafe

L'arc-En-Ciel - Dive To Blue

hahaha... I do know that "the sun will come out tomorrow". Feeling better now. Love Laruku always. (^.^)

Sunday, December 20, 2009


i am dying... feel like menggali lubang kubur sendiri... Warghhhh!!!!!!!

(*^o^*)~Crossdress Paradise~(**^o^**)

Bishonen and crossdressing... OMG!!! I could go to heaven right now. hahaha...

Personally, I prefer their real face without the makeup. They really look naturally kawaii and that make me envious. hehehe...

The makeup is kind of too thick for me and made them look kind of plasticcc??? Just my opinions. Anyway, it's not like those show bizz people would let the contestants go on without makeup though. What kind of show would that be? lol...

Just check out them out. For the sake of fun. haha...

Crossdress Paradise in Youtube.

And I could go bang myself against the walls now. Still have a few final papers to go. =P Die!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Back from BuddY Mini Camp.

Reached my Melaka house yesterday at around 2.30pm. It was a wonderful yet short camp. Met new friends. Had lots of fun and definitely learned something. A nice experience that I will treasure. Hope to join such a camp more in the future. Get to play on the beach and with sea water on the last day which conclude the whole trip with a great end. =D

Actually, from the activities and interaction with some new friends in this camp made me think again about my future, relationship with people and also myself. What do I really really want from myself and others? How should I change to have a better life? Yes!!! I do need some changes in my life since I am not so happy with it right now. I am thinking and thinking... I also found some people that I admire for their courage and attitude toward life. How they seems so decisive with their actions and how brave they are to be different from the crowds. It is wonderful to see that they are all such close friends even if they are different from each other. As always, I am the one who like to sit back and observe people. haha... They are a fun and reliable crowd to be with.

My laptop is currently with CK. He help me to reformat it and I know that it is in good hands. haha... Therefore, I am using my sister's computer to blog and play. hehe...

I will be going back to my hometown tonight. Meet my family and maybe some old friends. I missed out the recent secondary school reunion in Pasir Puteh. In fact, it had been almost half a year since I last went back to Kelantan. Kind of miss it now. Looking forward to see some familiar faces. Oh, yeah!!! I can collect another Coke glass tonight while waiting for the bus to arrive. haha... By going back to my family, I am usually cutting myself off from the cyber world. That means no blogging, no facebook, no onemanga, no movies and no J-rocks. duh...

Anyway, anyhow, I will be back from Kelantan after 2 weeks. Going to face a new trimester again. For now, enjoy your holidays and just go do something crazy because life is too short to regret it later. haha... Bye bye.

p/s: got a new eye candy... =P

Saturday, October 10, 2009

to Port Dickson.

I am going PD tomorrow with the society members. It's a mini camp. Can't wait. I think I kind of over packed my bags. haha... Hope everything turn out well and let's have lots and lots of funzzz... Plus, remember to learn something from the camp. haha...


Thursday, October 08, 2009

Fillet Masak Sambal.

I made what I said I was going to make today. Fillet Masak Sambal. It is much better this time than the last one. I think it's because I took a longer time to "tumis" the sambal. haha...

Seriously addicted to facebook. The games, the quizzes, and the videos. Many of my friends are posting interesting videos in their profile and so do I. Sometimes they are the same videos because I think they are worth sharing. That is why I am looking forward to see more interesting videos being shared in facebook.

Some examples:

I haven't played Pokemon for ages now. Trying to get back to it. Will be going for a camp this weekend. After that, going back to my hometown. Having mix feelings about them. Anyway, hope it's going to be fun and more funzzz... haha...

Adios. See you next time.

End of Delta sem 1 life.

Final exam is finally over. Went to Sushi King and ate too much. =P All because I was too greedy for the unagi. lol... Next time will just concentrate on unagi and don't want to order a set meal anymore. haha...

Just before blogging, I had so many things to share out but once I started to log in everything flew away. Typical.

All hell break loose with the end of examination. Warggghhahahaha...!!! That means more time for my leisure activities. I have always love playing games, reading manga and watching movies. However, my new found interest right now is cooking.

Cooking seems like making a love potion to me. Adding different ingredients together and season it with various spices will produce many amazing stuffs. Could it be that I was influenced by Clamp in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles? haha... Not to say that I am such a good cook though. I am still learning. haha... Don't think that it is good enough to show to others. There are still rooms for improvements. ^o^

Today meal is going to be Fillet Masak Sambal again. A simple and low budget dish. Apa-apa pun, janji kenyang sudahlah. =D Why fillet? Because I tak pandai siang ikan leh... =P

I made Tom Yam soup before. It was too sour for me but just nice for my sister. I prefer a spicy one. Foods that are not spicy are not food at all. hahaha...

My new resolution is to go jogging every morning. Kind of doubting myself in doing that. =D

Okay, that's all for now. Going back to my slumber. Till my fingers meet keyboard again and with the internet line not letting me down. See you. Go enjoy your life. =D

Monday, July 27, 2009

heavy rain and flash flood.

It has been raining since early in the morning. Pretty heavy with thunder and lightning. I felt quite good because it cooled the house.

I was cooking breaklunch and suddenly, my feet were in water. Shocked! I looked around and guess what? My kitchen was flooded!!! Damn! Peeked behind my house and got a second shock. The whole alley was underwater!!! Warrrghhhh!!!!!!!! Help, help, help!!! Triple shock! Even the garage was flooded because the whole road was underwater too! Nooooo... My sandals and slippers are floating... floating... floating... Aduuuiiiiiiii!!!!!!!! It is going to be a hard work to clean up all those... dirty water stains and dirt plus some wet dry dead grasses... Damn. I hate it. Hate it!

Right now, I am practically trapped inside my house. Luckily there is no class today. Waiting for my sisters to be back from their classes. I wonder how are they going to get into the house. It is flooding and dirty. Dirty.Dirty. Dirty!!!

Oh, the kitchen is almost dry now! Hmm... Damn flash flood. Let me check the garage. Hmm... No more water pooling except for the dirt and grasses..... Have to clean up, clean up. Hate it. Hate it. Did I mentioned that the bathroom and toilet were affected too? Well, luckily the bedrooms, living room and center space were safe. Haizzz... Have to go now. It is still thundering and lightning.

The GazettE

hahaha... I am so excited. It has been a while since I last felt this way. I am talking about the kind of excitement I get whenever I found something damn good to obsessed about. wahahahahahaha..........

Introducing my new founds favourite JRock band, The GazettE.

Other than the great rocking L'Arc~en~ciel and devilishly sexy beautiful Gackt, I am now falling head over heel for this rather new Visual Kei band. I won't go on blabbing about the facts and numbers. Here is the link if you want to learn more about The GazettE from Wikipedia. They don't seems to have their own website yet. Well, I guess it is just a matter of time.

I first heard about GazettE from a friend in my Friendster account. My first impression was, "Aaahh... another Visual Kei band. Heavy makeup and ridiculous clothings. Wonder if they can actually sing? Maybe just another pretty faces and overrated gimmicks." In case you are wondering, I fancy Gackt and not Malice Mizer. So, I didn't give The GazzettE another thought.

Months later, I was talking to my Japanese Language sensei about Japanese singers and bands. She seems to like Gackt too, which is a good thing. Then, she suggested that I must have like GazettE as well if I love L'Arc~en~ciel. Therefore, today I thought it would be good to give GazettE a try. And now, I have to eat my own words. huhuhuhuhu~~~ They definitely can sing and produce rocking music.

Let me just quote this from Wikipedia :
"The Gazette's musical style varies greatly, but it is generally thought of to be a form of Rock Music, also commonly dwelling into the genres of Heavy Metal and Alternative Metal. Songs like "Silly God Disco" feature a funk rock styled sound, while "SWALLOWTAIL ON THE DEATH VALLEY" features a hard rock styled sound, while songs like "Maggots", "Discharge" and "Headache Man" dwell into heavier forms of Music, in particular, Alternative Metal. The release of the new album DIM showed The GazettE producing a more Experimental sound than in older Albums, while retaining their Alternative Metal styled sound, shown in songs such as "OGRE". The Gazette also uses a wide range of synthesised sounds during their songs, mainly female voices, shown in songs such as "SWALLOWTAIL ON THE DEATH VALLEY" and "Filth in the Beauty". The Gazette has also produced a number of lighter rock songs, such as "Calm Envy" and "Cassis"."

Cassis is the first Gazette's song that I listened to and I am immediately melted by it. Ruki's voice just blew me away. It is pretty much unexpected. Cassis sounds so sad and yet very clear. How to better describe my thoughts and feelings toward this song? Erm... It felt like I can understand every words and emotions of the song thanks to Ruki's capability in expressing and singing it. I had some mixed but good feelings about it.

I am trying to listen to their other songs as well and are also fond of like these two.

Burial Applicant, Ganges Ni Akai Bara, Gentle Lie, Filth In The Beauty and Circle Of Swindler from their "Stacked Rubbish" album sound good too. Sometimes, I can't help relating some of their sound to Gackt's or Laruku's or Hyde's. Other than that, this band is pretty new to me.

In my own humble opinion, L'Arc~en~ciel is an established successful great JRock band while The GazettE is an upcoming and rising talented new JRock band. I will keep my eye on The GazettE as well now. haha...

***update: I found their website.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Twilight. What's with it?

What's up with Twilight? Almost everyone is talking about it on the internet. They are even going to have a second part of it called New Moon. Now, allow me tell you what I think about it.

First thing first. When this movie was coming to the big screen, I was kind of curious about it. Well, I am into romantic + comedy + horror movies. But then a friend of a friend of mine watched it before I could, and said it was boring... So, I just give forget about it.

Months past by and I couldn't care less about it. However, the heat of Twilight is still alive and dominating the cyber world. You can find many quizzes concerning this human-vampire-teenage-love-affair movie in Facebook. Plus, Hollywood Access is making a pretty big coverage on it. Those vampires stars are getting famous and gathering fans. They keep on showing what's new about Twilight on the net... This is technically a sign that the movie is a big success, right? Even Dakota Fanning is going to star in the sequel. Now, I really have to start wondering on what is the real deal with Twilight? So...

I just watched it and...

I am sorry to say that this movie is booooooring. (=.=!!!) It's just like watching those typical Taiwanese idol dramas (which I am not a big fan of)... lame, overrated and boring. What they do is just casting all the pretty faces with averge or none at all acting skills. Pardon me but I just don't enjoy or appreciate this kind of thing. I don't get it why Twilight is so famous? Do those fans really look at the movie, or they are just admiring the actors' good look? O.o Dissapointing...

I myself really admire Daniel Henney for his handsome Eurasian good look, but I also have to admit that he can still grow into a skillful, talented and truly successful actor with more chances and time. Plus, the most essential part for me in being a fan of certain actor or actress is watching their improvements and developments to become a legendary performer.

Anyway, anyhow, this is only my sincere personal opinion. Since Dakota Fanning will be in The Twilight Saga: New Moon, I keep a new hope and looking forward to how they are going to turn this movie to a more brilliant one. Please don't let it be the same lame one...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

going to Delta

Hey, hey, hey,

How is everybody doing? Enjoyed your holiday? I sure did, with family visiting my sisters and I here in Malacca. haha... =D Anyway, it is now time to switch on the study mode button, which need to be warm up for about a month. lol...

Today is Saturday, 13th of June. In two days time, I will become a Delta undergraduate. Hmm... what new about it? Well, I am kind of nervous and a bit excited about a subject called Mini Project. It is an elective. Between Mini Project and Multimedia Technologies and Applications, my friends and I decided to go with Mini Project. Of course we have to produce a functioning hardware and software by the end of the trimester and it is challenging to me, but the good part is that it does not have any written test or final exam paper. So, it is all practical and technical. Therefore, I am so looking forward to this subject.

Plus, I will also be taking a subject called Law for Engineer. Haizzz... not so thrilled about it. I have seen my friends and sister studying law and it is like hell. You have to memorize so many things. All the names, dates, and facts..... Woah... just thinking about it almost make my head wanna pecah!!! duh...

Other than these, I am welcoming my Delta year with open heart and arm. Looking forward to meet my friends again, and new assignments. lol... Learn from the past and hope to do better today so that I can have my very best future.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Casa Lily

Hello, hello;

I am so happy right now. XD

It's a new dawn, it's a new day. The perfect time to start anew and turn over the old leaf. teehee...

Let's me introduce you to FiRiea's new friend, Casa Lily. hahaha...

Casa looks so good in a saree ^o^

Sometimes FiRiea visits Casa and they have so much fun together.

Meanwhile, Casa also enjoy playing with FiRiea at his house. ^O^

~good friends dancing together~

~in the garden~

Don't they just look perfect for each other? ~^^~ I do think so.

Right now, Casa and FiRiea are working hand in hand to decorate their houses. Casa's current priority is to decorate her kitchen. Isn't that lovely. I can't wait to see what a beautiful kitchen it is going to be. haha...

~Casa's kitchen under constructions~

~Casa's with her toy collections~

The mystery eggs were quite a waste if you ask me. You never know what you are going to get. Sometimes you even get the same toys. duh... Nevertheless, the toys are very cute. haha...

p/s: This post is kind of retarded for my age. Maybe people will assume that I had brain damages. hahaha...

Saturday, May 02, 2009

You are the LOWEST!!!

ssIt has been a week since that happened. The way you responded to it was too much and over the board. You blamed it all on me and have been going around telling everybody it was all my faults. How coward and irresponsible of you. Well, I guess that is why you are the way you are. I guess I was the only fool who misanalyze your personality before. Now I know that you are the most insincere person I have ever met. For you to say :

"I warn you before to never go against me!!!"

to me when what had happened was not actually all my fault is really arrogant and stupid. Plus, saying:

"I do not want to see your face or hear your voice ever again!!!"

to a long time friend only show how selfish and ridiculous you are. Anyway, it does made me realize that you are not actually worthy of a friend.

Now, you are gossiping on me to everyone and keep on blaming everything on me when you are the one at fault and haven't even apologize to me. It is telling me how desperate you are to make people hate me and believe that you are not at fault. Stupid. I am not going to waste my time in trying correct the false information on me that you are spreading around. To me, we always need two sides of a story before coming to a conclusion. To those who only blindly listen to one side of a story and simply believe it need to grow up and look at things from different point of views. As long as my family and closest friends know the real me and really understand what is going on is enough.

In case you haven't realize, I also know all of what you had done before and all your secrets too. Even the DARKEST one. I could have been doing what you are doing to me right now. But, I choose not to because I am not as low as you and I just don't want to be a cold blooded backstabber like you. Maybe if someone give me 1 million USD then I will sell out your secret??? haha... Why not 500k USD? Because I am not that cheap. Why not make it 500 million USD? Well, because you never worth that much lor... :P

What I had learnt from this is that the are a lot of ridiculous people in this world. Some like to easily blame others and thought she is always right. I even tried to discuss on what had actually happened with you before, but you just gave me cold shoulders and said really cruel things to me. Things a person should never said to her friend of 3 years. What you said was only to save yourself without even trying to understand the whole things. I think, you are one of those arrogant being that only treat people around him or her as things. People around you are only companions that will be disposed and destroyed when you no longer need them. You think too highly of yourself and easily make fun of others. Wonder why did I become your friend before. Haizzz...

I am not going to be hypocrite and hope God will give you a fair judgement. Instead, I sincerely prayed very very hard to God that you will be experiencing exactly the same kind of pains and griefs that you have caused me from this incident in the very near future in your current life. Not in your next life if there is any. I wonder if God will ever grant a prayer that contains such grudges in it.

In addition, I also learnt now who my real friends are and who are just a fake one. Well, I am lucky to have my good friends who are there when I need them the most. The fake one, I just need to let them go and out of my life. It is really startling to me that a person heart can be so cruel and how far can they go in order to hurt anyone they want. Hmm... I need to be wiser in knowing a person heart and their personality. I have to learn on letting go of unworthy person in my life too. It is better for both of us.

So, with the last 'push stop' in this post I will just forget all this thing and move on with my life. Sayonara and "You are definitely the lowest!!!".

Saturday, April 25, 2009

it is ON !!!

fuh... i had a cold war with my roomie today.

it was my fault anyway. i was extremely late to lunch. they waited for me for an hour and even ordered chicken rice for me. the thing is, i did not ask them to wait or help me to order anything. however, my gravely fault is that i also did not tell them to not wait for me before i went to shower ( by the way, i showered for about half an hour. hehe... kanasai... ) duh... i should have picked up the phone and said:

"dun wait for me yaa... i dun wan eat oredi. wanna go shower now. u guy eat baa..."

what made matter worst was when i went to the shop and instead of apologizing, i said: "why order for me?" woah!!! that really add oil to the flame lor...

haih... yup, i know it is my damn fault and i apologize about it. sorry........

the good news is, she have forgiven me just now. haha... yeah. thank you for not being mad for too long. if not, i don't know what to do leh... but, to have to bear her hatred even for just half a day is really dreadful. gosh, i really thought the world had stop spinning! lol...

erm... why did i feel so bad about it? aside from it being my mistake, it was the first time that we have such an uncomfortable situation. so, i really have no idea on how to deal with it. there have never been anything like this between us for almost 3 years. and it just happened she is about to leave in about a month. duh... really regret it.

again, i am sorry and thank you for forgiving me. yeah, now everybody officially know that i am such a jerk.

p/s: tell you something, i actually haven't return home since lunch. lol... was feeling scared leh...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Lucky Number Nin9

as i promised before, after i am done with my Techno-P or Cyber-P project, i will talk a little bit about it here. just to share some ideas and opinions.

my friends and i were not interested to sell food and drinks for our project. selling clothes are not a good idea either. so, we came up with an idea to have a little mini fun fair.

our group name is Lucky Number Nin9. haha... Nin9 because there were 9 of us. Lucky is for hoping either players a.k.a customers or us will be lucky in the games. we thought of a few games and decided to go on with 3 types of games for our booth. which were Tin Tower, Hook Ur Luck, and Guli-Guli.

~Tin Tower was where players try to collect points by knocking down a 4 level cans using 3 balls.

~Hook Ur Luck required players to throw rubber bands onto nails with points marked on them.

players then claimed prizes according to points they got. meanwhile,

~Guli-Guli was a simple guessing game. players had to guess the amount of marbles in a transparent container. RM1 per guess and RM10 as reward if plater got the correct answer. haha... they were quite something, huh. a few players actually did guess the correct amount of marbles.

each person contributed RM50 as modal and by the end of the day, we get our modal plus some profits. well, it was a fun week anyway. haha...

however, i have to say that our booth rent for the 4 operating days are expensive. total rent was freaking RM250. haih, those commitees were really...

the rent made me speechless. hahahahahahahahaha.................

Thursday, April 09, 2009

わたし の はいどさん。

i am having this seductively smiling picture of Hyde as my wallpaper but my friends are complaining that he look like a girl.

where got? i do not think Hyde look like a girl at all. look... みって ください。

VAMPS is Hyde solo project together with a guy named K.A.Z

Hyde's alter ego in P'unk~en~Ciel

so, will you please tell me now which part of him is girlish? i just could not see it. to me, Hydeさん is really すごい と かっこい ですね。

and he can be funny too...

as vocalist and main song writer in L'Arc~en~Ciel

photo shoot during Theater of Kiss in Paris promotions


anyway and anyhow, Hydeさん is and will always be my favourite japanese rocker. remember to check out their latest release of the Theater of Kiss concert DVD.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


i have been using facebook since the beginning of this trimester, around February this year. all thanks to my cousin who live in Australia. i never meet her in person actually, but we are keeping in touch using facebook now.

there are many interesting features in facebook that you may get addicted to. haha... as for my friends and i, we are hooked on Pet Society. we like to take those weird quizzes available too. like asking "who were you in past life", "when will you get married", "which x-men characters are you" and so on. i know it is lame but, who would not take on such easy quizzes. it is just for fun anyway.

well, among all those applications, i love Pet Society the most. my darling pet name is FiRiea.

in living room ready to greet friends visiting

in bedroom wearing St Patrick outfits

happily taking a bath

i first made him a male, but since there are many cute female clothing that i cannot help but let him wear them. haha... he is still all male and not gay though. i do not wish to change his gender either.

during Easter celebrations

in the playroom

i still have far to go in Pet Society. have to earn more money to dress FiRiea up and decorate the house. haha... sometimes i bring him to stadium to have fun earn some money.

we also go to cafe to meet new friends.

or just wander around the city and go for treasure hunting. hahaha...

other than this, my friends and i are also playing SuperPoke! Pets, friend for Sale, Farm Town, and Restaurant City. anyhow, i love Pet Society the most. a new addictions i guess. however, i am still very happy with it. haha...

Thursday, April 02, 2009

April 2009

as time goes by, i still remain unchanged. except for my weight. duh...

it is April now and final exam is just around the corner. i MUST absolutely do much much better than last time. God bless...

oh, ya... forgot to mention earlier in this trimester. i am taking a subject called Cyberpreneurship or the lecturer prefer to refer it as Technopreneurship since we are engineering students. haha... must sound more advance maa... our bussiness project is slightly different. we are offering other kind of products. well, i will let you know how it goes after the end of this trimester. so, be patient ya...

well, that is all of this crappy post. i just want to post something so that nuffnang would not stop ads in my blog. lol... thanks for your time and remember to help me click click on the advertisements.

domo arigato gozaimasu.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

sweet EP

duh... i am now in MMU CITS computer lab downloading some stuffs. the internet services in where i am staying really suck. guess i should have come to this lab much earlier. anyway, i am going to move out of EP for next trimester. hohoho... bidding sayonara to dear dear EP.

let me tell you something about EP, and of course there are always two sides of every story.

the bright side of EP:

  1. very very near to MMU, say 1 minute walking distance? well, it is just opposite MMU main gate but is far from Law School.
  2. have all your basic needs in one place, because eating outlets, groceries shop, computer center, hair saloon, and eye wears shop are just at the ground floor.
  3. RM195 per month for twin sharing including internet fees, water and electricity bills. will be penalize if your bills exceed certain amounts.
  4. free cleaning services.
  5. there is a laundry services inside the building, RM2.00 per kilo is considerable cheap and you can usually get your clothes back on the next day. i like the laundry ladies the most.
  6. the handyman is very nice, will help repair any damaged lamp or plumbing system.

now, come the ugly side of it, hahaha... :
  1. troublesome security procedures every time you enter or leave EP compound.
  2. very hard to bring friends in when you need to do some assignment discussions, have to register first and use the back gate only! damn that overreacting stupid guard. you have to freaking circle the whole building if you are coming out from campus. very silly.
  3. damn, i hate the guards the most!
  4. RM195 rate (twin sharing) is applied to every kind of rooms, no discount even if your room is at block B which is very very smaller compared to the one at block C. they save the best for guys only. definitely is a gender discrimination, damn!!! the same goes for anyone staying in the OVEN room, no big windows like other rooms except small one that face the kitchen. it is freaking hot, man!!! they should have come out with different rates for different kind of rooms, but why should they care when they freaking know that people are still going to rent it out :P
  5. rents are to be collected in every 3 months, meaning you have to pay RM585 in a go. ouch!!! it hurts.
  6. no, you cannot cook inside the house.
  7. the internet is free, but it is very slow............... what a shame.

number 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7 in dislike is my main strong reasons to move out of that building. for the advantages, i only like number 1, 4 and 5.

well, i guess i am just tired of staying in EP. time to move out, baby.

one more thing, it really is much cheaper to stay outside. renting a room or house can save you more money. plus, you can get the whole room for yourself. of course it depends on what you are looking for and how you manage your priorities.

as for me, i am looking forward to stay outside with housemates that i can choose on my own. lol...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

master room with air-cond RM220

not so sure if my blog is getting people attentions much. haha...

as mentioned above, i am now offering an air-conditioned master room at RM220 per month for renting in June this year.

  1. location: Taman Bukit Beruang - 5 to 7 minutes walking distances to MMU
  2. rate: RM220 per month
  3. type: master room - may get yourself a roommate if you wanted to
  4. furniture: air-conditioner, washing machine and fridge
  5. availability: 1st of JUNE in year 2009
  6. feature: biggest room in the whole house - can accommodate up to 2 or 3 people
  7. additional: friendly and cheerful housemates ^o^ - a house full of happiness
any enquiries can be forwarded at:


P/S: the room is taken...

Monday, March 09, 2009

so bad

today is public holiday for it is Maulidur Rasul. i forgot what it stands for... :P
which mean i have 3 days of free time, Saturday, Sunday and Monday... and i should have been making full use of this opportunities to settle all my unsolved solvable business. still, i just... =.=

haih... is there any solid, definite, extreme and good unselfish way in which i can change into a better person or a step closer to it? i do know what i have to do but, i just could not get myself to obediently do what i ought to. it is just so frustrating and devastating to myself... and this is not a freaking first time.

jeez... God! i am such a failure and a damn loser!!! fuck it all. damn! i am so mad at myself!!!

opsss... did i just used the f word. damn. before you go into any conclusion, just make a decent research on how the word F.U.C.K originated from first... :P

my rommie said that i should just as well proceed with the f word in this post since i really am an impolite, rude person according to her. haha... so, i am just being true to myself here? am i that vulgar of a person??? oh, no!!! where did all my ladylike qualities went to? that provides if i have any... =X die, die, die...

p/s: dun trust my roommie...

Thursday, March 05, 2009

tag tag

my virgin tagging... ( hope it does not sound too weird, but who cares anyway =P )

Let's tag tag tag.

Here's how it works.
1. write ten things about the person who tagged you.
2. write ten things about yourself.
3. find ten person u wanna tag.

1--> ten things about Jia Wen ~~~

1. Jia Wen is a girl if you are wondering =D
2. She is not single.
3. has a few pets, like Nike and Ayam.
4. very cute.
5. I first know her through Kim Foong because we were housemates in EP.
6. love to drink Shandy.
7. a very good girl, no late night outing, no drinking, no gambling, no smoking, no clubbing, and no drug of course.
8. I can see that she loves EH very much.
9. currently studying in MMU Cyberjaya.
10. I hope she still listen to PCD. haha...

2--> ten things about me ~~~

1. birth name is Lay Hun and surname is Lee.
2. was in Sekolah Kebangsaan.
3. learning my broken Mandarin informally from friends, if you hear me speaks Chinese, please do not expect me to read or write it lor... haha...
4. love to learn languages actually but why most 'bahasa' teachers are very 'garang' ?
5. opss... gained a whole lot of weight but have not been reducing it yet.
6. does not handle chores properly.
7. love spicy foods the most.
8. love to love.
9. hate laundry the most, must have washing machine (whoever created it is an awesome genius)
10. extremely friendly to closest friends only. hehe...

3--> I want to tag ~~~

1. Jessie
2. Pei Fen
3. Asmice
4. Cindy
5. Kim Foong
6. Yin Fung
7. Yeong Chiann
8. Koo Pig
9. CK Tan
10. Mei Yin

thanks for reading up to here. haha... :D

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

春雨里洗过的太阳 ; Spring Rain Washed Over The Sun

back to 26th of December in year 2008, the XinTiao album by my favourite Lee Hom Wang was released. it has 10 songs and i like the 3rd track the most. so, here is it. the lyric of this song for you to share the rythms in my heart. haha... enjoy. all credits go to Lee Hom and the



嘿 雨後的天上 彩虹出現 襯出一片藍天

每個冬季帶來失落 傷得多深

If listen to the rhythm of the pouring rain
每個冬季帶來失落 傷得多深
每個呼吸都是 新的芬芳


嘿 雨後的天上 彩虹出現 襯出一片藍天

每個冬季帶來失落 傷得多深

If listen to the rhythm of the pouring rain
每個冬季帶來失落 傷得多深
每個呼吸都是 新的芬芳

流下的眼淚 留下了智慧
世界會等我 它會問我冬天過去了沒

每個冬季帶來失落 傷得多深

If listen to the rhythm of the pouring rain
每個冬季帶來失落 傷得多深
每個呼吸都是 你的芬芳


Chun Yu Li Xi Guo De Tai Yang
by: Wang Lee Hom

Fen kai zhi hou ling yi nian de chun tian
Ji yi ye xiang xia xue yi yang rong jie
Na xie you ni zai shen bian de ying pian
Hu de yi sheng fei de lao yuan lao yuan

Ai zai xia tian guo
Wan zhi hou suo zai qiu tian
Ai guo dong tian zhi hou de
Wo hao le yi xie hei
Yu hou de tian shang
Cai hong chu xian
Chen chu yi pian lan tian

* wo zai lin guo yi chang
Da yu zhi hou de qing lang
Na shi chun yu li xi guo de tai yang
Mei ge dong ji dai lai shi luo
Shang de duo shen
Ran hou hu ran kan dong yun de xing zhuang

If listen to the rhythm of the pouring rain
Na shi chun yu li xi guo de tai yang
Mei ge dong ji dai lai shi luo
Shang de duo shen
Mei ge hu xi dou shi xin de fen fang

(Repeat All)

Liu xia de yan lei
Liu xia le zhi hui
Ai qing hui tian liang
Ye yi ding hui hei
Shi jie hui deng wo
Ta hui wen wo dong
Tian guo qu le mei

(Repeat *)

Chun yu li xi guo de tai yang

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday to Jessie

i am not sure if you ever did stop by my blog. still, i want to dedicate this entry to you and say i am really sorry for forgetting your birthday. sorry... so, here it is:

"Happy Belated Birthday, Jessie"

i also stole this photo, i am just terrible...

may you have another year full of blessing ahead. sorry for being such a lousy friend. and no, the fact that the birthday fall on a day before our last exam paper does not justify me forgetting about your birthday. forgive me again.

i am going back hometown tonight. have a wonderful holiday everybody and Happy Chinese New Year. it is the Ox dominating the whole 12 months. haha... God bless and take care.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

it is still January and i can say Happy New Year!!! haha...

hello hello. how is everyone doing? repeating the same old cycle of making new year resolutions and trying to finish it all in December? haha... the truth is i never have any resolution at all. haha... ridiculous you may think. but that is me.

i do not see the significant of having a resolution at all :P you either do it or you do not. as simple as that. why would you bother making so many things up if you know you are never going to fulfill it. come whatever may and just know that you are going to be better than the old you, right? as time goes by, people do mature whether they want to or not. to me, it is always changes toward the best. good luck in your life everyone. may this year of Ox be generous and prosperous for me. haha...

talking about growing up, do you know Dakota Fanning? the cute and brilliant child starlet. she stared in Hide and Seek with Robert De Niro, War of The Worlds with Tom Cruise, The Cat in The Hat with Mike Myers, Man on Fire with Denzel Washington, I am Sam with Sean Penn and many more. borned in year 1994, and a big fan of Hello Kitty she really rocks hollywood with her God given acting talents.

look at her now, already grown up into such a babe... woalaa...

however, being a celebrity since childhood appears to have it downfalls. i just wish that she does not turn out like how Lindsay L, Britney S or Drew B used to be. may her path is on the brighter side. all the best and keep on shining, baby! haha...