Thursday, May 15, 2008

drink it down

this is laruku latest single which is also the official theme song for japanese devil may cry 4 game. released in january 2008. enjoy.

that is why i like l'arc~en~ciel, they are something and somebody. their works have a class of its own. they have clear visions and missions of what and how they want to become. not just a 'wannabe' group. go laruku.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

laruku in paris

tomorrow is my first paper for final exam.

latest news from laruku, they were at paris during may, just recently, performing life to thousands of their france fans. wondering when will they come to malaysia. i am so looking forward to see them live. may this dream do come true one day.

i envy those fans in france...

Thursday, May 01, 2008


i know that i always took a long time to post something new. it is not that i am lazy or out of idea, but i prefer to blog only when something big or important happened and i could write good remarks on it. a pretty lame excuse, right? haha...

viewing my friendster photos just now, under "my love love attack" album, i realize that they are all asian guys with japanese style long hair (except Lee Hom Wang). so, i was thinking maybe my viewers, if there are any, would have misunderstood that i like pretty face, heavily dressed and all make up guys. well, that is not true.

what i am looking for in a man is not much different from some typical ladies. ( i do want and hope to become ladylike.) in my opinion, a man is most attractive when they are in their 30's. not to say that i only pursue older guys, but it is their maturity and... maybe the term "gentleman" like those posses by Daniel Henney can best explain what i meant to say.

okay, let me elaborate further so you may understand me better. take Daniel for an example, he is now in his 20's ( born 28th of November 1979), well late 20's, but he has a maturity, self assurance, dignity, and life motivation that are unbreakable. he is confident not arrogant, self-assured not selfish, strong yet sensitive, set his own moves rather than just following the crowd, successful yet humble, and he is independent. or at least, that is how i look at him. he is a man, not a boy.

so, i like mentally matured, physically masculine and emotionally dependable kind of man. erm... is it too much? when i say emotionally dependable, i did not mean that a man must never cry. i do not want to be with a robot for the rest of my life. however, i must stress that i am not looking for mr. perfect or mr. ideal, but only someone who is just perfect for me. twisted words, huh?

well, i have this kind of vision that my guy would just be simple. comfortable in t-shirt and jeans or shorts while still look smart in suits. the one who make me at ease when i am just moderately dress and feel appreciated when i am dressing up. the one to lift me up when i fall, and to be sincerely happy when i succeed. the one who always encourage not cruelly criticize. the one to pin point my mistakes with cares and love.

is unconditional love merely a myth? and do happily ever after only live inside fairy tales? haha... i almost lost faith in true love. the world is witnessing wedding unions as much as divorces everyday. but, when looking at old couples holding hands, walking side by side, even if with canes and having happy conversations together, i want to believe in love again. i want to give it a chance. i do not want to surrender without a fair fight. therefore, i also want you to be wise in love and wish you all the best. may cupids and God always be with you. bless and love. take care.