Sunday, May 24, 2009

Casa Lily

Hello, hello;

I am so happy right now. XD

It's a new dawn, it's a new day. The perfect time to start anew and turn over the old leaf. teehee...

Let's me introduce you to FiRiea's new friend, Casa Lily. hahaha...

Casa looks so good in a saree ^o^

Sometimes FiRiea visits Casa and they have so much fun together.

Meanwhile, Casa also enjoy playing with FiRiea at his house. ^O^

~good friends dancing together~

~in the garden~

Don't they just look perfect for each other? ~^^~ I do think so.

Right now, Casa and FiRiea are working hand in hand to decorate their houses. Casa's current priority is to decorate her kitchen. Isn't that lovely. I can't wait to see what a beautiful kitchen it is going to be. haha...

~Casa's kitchen under constructions~

~Casa's with her toy collections~

The mystery eggs were quite a waste if you ask me. You never know what you are going to get. Sometimes you even get the same toys. duh... Nevertheless, the toys are very cute. haha...

p/s: This post is kind of retarded for my age. Maybe people will assume that I had brain damages. hahaha...

Saturday, May 02, 2009

You are the LOWEST!!!

ssIt has been a week since that happened. The way you responded to it was too much and over the board. You blamed it all on me and have been going around telling everybody it was all my faults. How coward and irresponsible of you. Well, I guess that is why you are the way you are. I guess I was the only fool who misanalyze your personality before. Now I know that you are the most insincere person I have ever met. For you to say :

"I warn you before to never go against me!!!"

to me when what had happened was not actually all my fault is really arrogant and stupid. Plus, saying:

"I do not want to see your face or hear your voice ever again!!!"

to a long time friend only show how selfish and ridiculous you are. Anyway, it does made me realize that you are not actually worthy of a friend.

Now, you are gossiping on me to everyone and keep on blaming everything on me when you are the one at fault and haven't even apologize to me. It is telling me how desperate you are to make people hate me and believe that you are not at fault. Stupid. I am not going to waste my time in trying correct the false information on me that you are spreading around. To me, we always need two sides of a story before coming to a conclusion. To those who only blindly listen to one side of a story and simply believe it need to grow up and look at things from different point of views. As long as my family and closest friends know the real me and really understand what is going on is enough.

In case you haven't realize, I also know all of what you had done before and all your secrets too. Even the DARKEST one. I could have been doing what you are doing to me right now. But, I choose not to because I am not as low as you and I just don't want to be a cold blooded backstabber like you. Maybe if someone give me 1 million USD then I will sell out your secret??? haha... Why not 500k USD? Because I am not that cheap. Why not make it 500 million USD? Well, because you never worth that much lor... :P

What I had learnt from this is that the are a lot of ridiculous people in this world. Some like to easily blame others and thought she is always right. I even tried to discuss on what had actually happened with you before, but you just gave me cold shoulders and said really cruel things to me. Things a person should never said to her friend of 3 years. What you said was only to save yourself without even trying to understand the whole things. I think, you are one of those arrogant being that only treat people around him or her as things. People around you are only companions that will be disposed and destroyed when you no longer need them. You think too highly of yourself and easily make fun of others. Wonder why did I become your friend before. Haizzz...

I am not going to be hypocrite and hope God will give you a fair judgement. Instead, I sincerely prayed very very hard to God that you will be experiencing exactly the same kind of pains and griefs that you have caused me from this incident in the very near future in your current life. Not in your next life if there is any. I wonder if God will ever grant a prayer that contains such grudges in it.

In addition, I also learnt now who my real friends are and who are just a fake one. Well, I am lucky to have my good friends who are there when I need them the most. The fake one, I just need to let them go and out of my life. It is really startling to me that a person heart can be so cruel and how far can they go in order to hurt anyone they want. Hmm... I need to be wiser in knowing a person heart and their personality. I have to learn on letting go of unworthy person in my life too. It is better for both of us.

So, with the last 'push stop' in this post I will just forget all this thing and move on with my life. Sayonara and "You are definitely the lowest!!!".