Sunday, December 28, 2008

I turn 22 today [^o^] V

hello world! i am officially 22 years old today. hmm... should i be happy? most girl does not like to have their age known because it show how much they have aged, but... well, i guess i have not reach that stage yet. haha...

anyhow, this is the day i should be thinking back and front about my life so far.

of course there are many mud-poles and obstacles which i really really should take as firm reminders to not repeat those same old stupid mistakes and wrong-doings again. yeah, i did fell flat on my face twice! it is very regretful and i ought to correct those bad habits and laziness for my own good. i owe myself some redemptions.
still, many good things did happen too. when you lost something, you must be gaining something else, right? so did i. i got to know something i was not sure of before. the price is high thought.

i could be and should be doing a better job. enough of time wasting!!!

there is many to come... which i shall face with head held high and fully prepared. future means hope too.

today birthday is quite special for me. having my best friends bought me some fun. best of all is to have someone to celebrate my special day with me. it means a lot to me.

we watched a movie is called "Australia" leads by the ever lovely Nicole Kidman, and this year 2008 sexiest man alive Hugh Jackman. my verdict on this movie is, it is just MARVELOUS baby. some may compare it with the movie 'pearl harbor', but no no no. they are totally different. i am just absolutely in LOVE with this movie. needless more babbling as you better watch it yourselves for this movie really worth it. by the way, it runs for 3 hours mind you. better not drink too much during the movie or you will have to go to the bathroom like i did. haha... miss some good parts of the movie. haih...

all in all. today is one of my great days. thanks to Jessie, Pei Fen and Joanne.

tomorrow will be out with housemates for a steamboat or so is the plan. haha... looking forward to it. oh, yeah! i have not update on my last Singapore trip yet. hehe...

P/S: latest birthday wish is to get a place in Dean list.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Singapore, here I come !!!

just had my last mid-term paper today, and in less than 5 hours i will be leaving for Singapore. it is just a short trip actually, but i am still very excited because... it had been ages and ages since my last out of Malaysia trip. hahaha... well, the main focus of this trip is to visit NTU of course since it is a university based trip. anyhow, i am looking forward to it.

however, after this 2 days and 1 night trip, it will be time to catch up with assignmentsss... there are 3 assignments left. all due in a week or two. haih... nevertheless, i must enjoy myself to the fullest at Singapore first, then come back and face those terrible assignments. hehe... :P

okay, see you when i am back. not yet finish packing. adios...


p/s: i guess it is just not my style to "xoxo"... (^o^) but still, mmmuakssszzz.............. because i am so happy right now. haha...

Sunday, November 09, 2008

welcome back to mmu

how was your 3 golden weeks holiday? some may had interesting events happening in their holiday while for others it could be just the same old boring-time-wasting-too-short-to-be-called-a-holiday trimester break. i belong to the latter group. typical, huh?

anyway, i did manage to cross out a few things that i planned to do during that holiday. no need much elaboration. what i enjoyed most is the indian curry banana leaf rice at meena restaurant in kota bharu. yup, exclusive in my hometown only. haahaa...

one more thing, going back kelantan and visiting a friend 2 weeks ago was quite shocking. i recently found out that her dad is in comma. he got stroke and was hospitalized 2 and a half months ago. had an operation and is now at home since last month. he was still in comma when i last visit their house. he is responsive but unable to wake up. i pray and hope he will recover soon.

actually, i was dumbfounded during that visit because i just do not know what to do in that situation. what should i say to make my friend feel better? how should i react to the news? i am just clueless. so, i pretty much keep quiet and try to help around during my short visit there. hmm... not much that i could do.

i was also thinking that... i just do not know what to think.

dear God, please keep my family and friends in good health and brilliant mind. may you bless our daily life and forgive our arrogance and ignorance. we are helpless human being who always forgot about you until when we need you the most. amen.

no, i am neither christian nor muslim. does it really matter anyway?

all in all, welcome back to lecture class, tutorials, assignments and exam papers to all my mmu friends. let us do our best for this new trimester too.

best wishes and good luck. go go go !!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Zettai Kareshi - Night Tenjou by Hayami Mokomichi

first of all, zettai kareshi a.k.a absolute boyfriend is among many of Watase Yuu sensei's famous works and definitely one of my top favourite mangas. Night Tenjou is my absolute male character in all Yuu sensei's works. yeah, i prefer that robot than others! i just like him so much that it is still capable of making my heart skips and jumps faster whenever i look at this picture that i steal from onemanga half a year ago. hehe...

introducing Night Tenjou from Kronos Heaven

oh, my God!!! i am so helpless... look! look at this one too...

the most ideal absolute boyfriend. haha...

waaaa... or should i say kyaaa...? haha... i am so excited. not in the bad way, okay!

well, maybe a little. kakaka...

Soshi Asamoto, Riiko Izawa, and Night Tenjou

i was looking into a forum and found out that at 5th of April year 2008, Fuji TV first broadcasted Zettai Kareshi drama series nationwide in japan. the main point is, that we have live action absolute boyfriend now!!! yippiee... yeah... happy happy me... or that was how my first reaction went. there are differences in the story line and characters between manga and drama of course. but, i think i can still handle it. haha...

live action Zettai Kareshi

Malaysia CD and book stores are selling this baby nationwide. oh, my God again!!! how should i express my excitement and anxieties? i have mixed feelings. part of me want to watch this manga turning into live action, another part feel uncertain as the live action may spoil what i like in the manga. some japanese movies are just plain boring as the flow of their stories are too slow. what i really truly like so far are GTO by Takashi Sorimachi as the devil Eiikichi Onizuka and Power Office Girls or Shonumi starring Makiko Esumi as Chinatsu Tsuboi. anyway, i still do watch other japanese dramas though.

moving on, i noticed that my Night Tenjou was being acted out by Hayami Mokomichi.

the picture said it all

this name does not ring a bell but he look familiar. so i took a closer look and...

now i see ;-)

hahaha... this guy starred in Gokusen 2 before.

Gokusen 2 main casts

yea, i remember him now. the tallest guy in the whole class.

how could i forgot this tall, dark, and handsome guy. haiya... but, i have to say that his role in Gokusen 2 is minor while in Zettai Kareshi, he played my great Night Tenjou, the leading male character.

looking into Youtube, i think he did a pretty good job as Night. so, maybe i will purchase this set of DVDs for two obvious reasons.

one, to look at my Night Tenjou being brought to live and...

second, to watch my new found japanese actor, Hayami Mokomichi performing in this series. haha...

p/s: all photos are not taken by or originated from me. i use the world wide web baby.

Friday, October 17, 2008


while cramming for exams, we sneak some time for artistic activities. if you could call it an art. it was painless amateur tattoos. haha...

it all started when we were so stress out and my friend grab a highlight pen to colour on dai ga che's palm. dai ga che do not like me to identify her that way, so i will just call her lillian jie jie. haha... she is one sporting room mate and life is so much fun with her around to cheer people up as well as for my story telling sessions. hehehe...

back to the original topic, amateur highlighter and ball pen tattooing. let me proceed with photos since they tell the story better. the truth is, i am just plain lazy to type the whole things.

Ping Ping concentrating on her works

Ping Ping's fruit collections

'artist' at work, armed with stationaries.

my signatured drawing, a rose with butterfly

Ping Ping was unsatisfied with her fruits and redeem herself with this, notice the number 86.

thus, i have tattoos on both palms, do not dare trying to read it or you are so going to be curse for life. haha...

love this one, look at those neglected notes as background and my almost carpal syndrome mark

Lillian contributes with Trunks from the infamous Dragon Ball series

she just have to go to the extremes. haih...!!! [-.-!!! ]

Thursday, October 16, 2008

two birthdays in a go

hello, hello, hello.

exam is finally over. hmm... what a big gap of time since my last blog entry. yes. i know i am a bad blogger. haha...

okay, let us see what interesting events have occurred in my life so far.

had 2 weeks of final exams recently. between those weeks, celebrate 2 girls birthdays. both are my lovely housemates.

first is Qin Yee mei nu. we had a small buffet and steamboat at her friend's house. she is not just a pretty face, but can also cook and is a jpa scholarship holder. yes, she is a rare gem and already has a boyfriend.

then, there was Sei Sei's birthday.

sei sei the birthday girl

we went to bukit beruang Family Heritage restaurant, first floor western cafe. the decoration inside is simple yet soothing. suitable for family gathering and also friends hangout. it is a clean, small and air-conditioned premise. i am also impressed with the food. they taste as good as they look. we had chicken cordon bleu, breaded chicken chop and marinata spaghetti. we wash it all up with lipton earl grey tea, recommended by mei nu. for dessert, it was Sei Sei's birthday cake of course. haha...

chicken cordon bleu

marinata spaghetti

Sei Sei's birthday cake

lipton earl grey tea

everyone had a good time. we were there for more than two hours, from 6pm until the sun went down. wondering why it was such a long meal? it is because, we were camwhoring... haha...

Sei Sei and her roomie, Ping Ping

and with Qin Yee

grabbing on Pauline, oops i mean holding onto Lillian

having a taste of the tea

there are still more photos but i better keep them to my own amusements. haha...

that was all i could think of so far on what to post. may be going out with friends tomorrow to celebrate our bliss of freedom and relief after exams. hehe... i hope i did not flunk any paper. oh, dear.

Friday, July 25, 2008

custom made wallpaper

this is my first time making my own wallpapers. i got this crazy idea out of being stress on the coming midterm exams, which i always have. it is to my own taste and pleasure. hehe...

first attempt; using ttplayer

finally, something i like, using winamp

the tricks are just simple print screen and paste method.

on the second picture, can you identify who is who and what is what? haha...

Sunday, July 06, 2008

new printer

there is an it fair inside mmu campus. it begun from 4th to 6th of july. i got myself a new printer since the old one was broken. this new baby is actually an older version of canon pixma printers.

meet my ip1300, which costs me RM95.00; was it cheap? i am not sure? i only hope that i will last much longer than the previous one. hopefully up to 10 years.

yesterday was fun. friends from cyberjaya came for a visit after not seeing each other for about a year. we went dataran pahlawan and portugis settlement for some kodak moments. but, i do not have the photos now. we shop until we drop, haha... and we also snaps some photos in between.

lunch at shibaraku was somehow quite dissapointing. the first time i went there, the meats were properly chopped and served. but, yesterday was uneven and oily. the dinner was good though. bbq pork rice and mee hoon soup in a chinese restaurant at around 8.30pm.

foong, mei nu, and jia wen

foong, jia wen and yin fung

with yong chiann and ling ling in the consultation room (^.^)

all these are old pictures. we miss them a lot. will probably go to see them by the beginning of a new semester. still in planning.

i am glad that my moral studies assignment 1 was done and over with. the title was child protitution and it was interesting to discuss about. haha... will be doing applied electronics assignment proposal next.

thats all for now. see you next time.

Monday, June 02, 2008

manga obsessions

this is the first time i blog from my hometown. yup, it is semester break and i am in my parent's house having a typical holiday. haha...

my latest obsession now is manga. well, i first started to read a comic book since my primary school years. but, i am able to enjoy it more with today cheap and convenient Internet access. hehe... right now, i am reading "Rurouni Kenshin" by Watsuki Nobuhiro. the story line is really interesting. a hitokiri become ruruoni and vowed to only wield reverse-bladed sword, or sakabatō to protect the helpless. maybe Wikipedia can help explain it better.

meanwhile, i admire Yuu Watase works such as the famous fushigi yuugi, fushigi yuugi genbu kaiden, ayashi no ceres, zettai kareshi, imadoki and alice 19th. there are more actually, but these are my favourite so far. i love the story, drawings and probably because it is a shoujo manga. i even bought fushigi yuugi dvd recently. nice, nice. i am now waiting for fushigi yuugi genbu kaiden dvd to be released. not sure when though since the manga is still ongoing.

another shoujo mangaka is Mitsuba Takanashi who i knew through "Akuma de Sourou". this manga was made into a life series by some taiwanese actors. i prefer the manga version. when i was reading this manga, the leading male character reminds me so much of hyde from l'arc~en~ciel. but, i later found out that he was modeled after hide from x-japan band. haha... how weird of me to think like that.

about this manga, i was kind of disturbed by it storyline. step-siblings from different parents fell in love and get married in the end. weird... if you ask me. however, most of my friends are okay with it as long as the boy and girl are not blood-related. well, whatever. it is just so weird to me. i only like the drawings. and the author is also famous for her fashion senses. all her characters are nicely and wisely doll up.

long live manga. yeah!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

drink it down

this is laruku latest single which is also the official theme song for japanese devil may cry 4 game. released in january 2008. enjoy.

that is why i like l'arc~en~ciel, they are something and somebody. their works have a class of its own. they have clear visions and missions of what and how they want to become. not just a 'wannabe' group. go laruku.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

laruku in paris

tomorrow is my first paper for final exam.

latest news from laruku, they were at paris during may, just recently, performing life to thousands of their france fans. wondering when will they come to malaysia. i am so looking forward to see them live. may this dream do come true one day.

i envy those fans in france...

Thursday, May 01, 2008


i know that i always took a long time to post something new. it is not that i am lazy or out of idea, but i prefer to blog only when something big or important happened and i could write good remarks on it. a pretty lame excuse, right? haha...

viewing my friendster photos just now, under "my love love attack" album, i realize that they are all asian guys with japanese style long hair (except Lee Hom Wang). so, i was thinking maybe my viewers, if there are any, would have misunderstood that i like pretty face, heavily dressed and all make up guys. well, that is not true.

what i am looking for in a man is not much different from some typical ladies. ( i do want and hope to become ladylike.) in my opinion, a man is most attractive when they are in their 30's. not to say that i only pursue older guys, but it is their maturity and... maybe the term "gentleman" like those posses by Daniel Henney can best explain what i meant to say.

okay, let me elaborate further so you may understand me better. take Daniel for an example, he is now in his 20's ( born 28th of November 1979), well late 20's, but he has a maturity, self assurance, dignity, and life motivation that are unbreakable. he is confident not arrogant, self-assured not selfish, strong yet sensitive, set his own moves rather than just following the crowd, successful yet humble, and he is independent. or at least, that is how i look at him. he is a man, not a boy.

so, i like mentally matured, physically masculine and emotionally dependable kind of man. erm... is it too much? when i say emotionally dependable, i did not mean that a man must never cry. i do not want to be with a robot for the rest of my life. however, i must stress that i am not looking for mr. perfect or mr. ideal, but only someone who is just perfect for me. twisted words, huh?

well, i have this kind of vision that my guy would just be simple. comfortable in t-shirt and jeans or shorts while still look smart in suits. the one who make me at ease when i am just moderately dress and feel appreciated when i am dressing up. the one to lift me up when i fall, and to be sincerely happy when i succeed. the one who always encourage not cruelly criticize. the one to pin point my mistakes with cares and love.

is unconditional love merely a myth? and do happily ever after only live inside fairy tales? haha... i almost lost faith in true love. the world is witnessing wedding unions as much as divorces everyday. but, when looking at old couples holding hands, walking side by side, even if with canes and having happy conversations together, i want to believe in love again. i want to give it a chance. i do not want to surrender without a fair fight. therefore, i also want you to be wise in love and wish you all the best. may cupids and God always be with you. bless and love. take care.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


no ni saku hana no you ni

by: Gackt M. Sawasdee Camui

daremo inai GURAUNDO no namae kizanda sakura no shita
itsuka kimi to mou ichido
koko ni kuru koto wo yakusoku shiyou
CHAIMU no hibiku koutei no
katasumi ni saku hana no you ni
yasashiku waratte kureta kimi dake ni tsutaetai
tada "arigatou" to...
bokutachi wa itsu no hi ni ka
mata kono basho de deau sono hi made
no ni saita hana no you ni
kesshite makezu ni tsuyoku sakitai

kayoi nareta kono michi mo
kyoushitsu kara mieru keshiki mo

"itsumademo wasurenai yo"

to namida ukabeta, kimi no egao mo
itsumo minareta yuugure ga sakura namiki wo somete yuku
bokutachi wa sorezore no omoide wo
mune ni daite aruki hajimeru
itsuka mita yume no basho e tadori tsuku made
mada na mo nai hana dakeredo
kesshite makezu ni tsuyoku sakitai

itsu no hi ka aruite kita michi wo
furikaeru toki ga kuru made
no ni saita hana no you ni
kesshite makezu ni tsuyoku sakitai
bokutachi wa itsu no hi ni ka
mata kono basho de deau sono hi made
no ni saita hana no you ni
kesshite makezu ni tsuyoku sakitai
kesshite makezu ni tsuyoku sakitai


like the flowers that bloom in the field

No one has engraved their name on the ground beneath the cherry tree
So let's make a promise to
come here together again someday and do that
Like the flowers that bloom in the corner of the schoolyard,
where the echoing of the school bell can be heard
I want to express to you, who gently smiled for me,
a simple "Thank you"
One of these days, we'll meet here again,
so until that day...
I want you to grow stronger and never-give-up,
like the flowers that bloom in the field

The road we got used to walking down,
and the scenery we saw from our classroom
With a smile upon your face and tears in your eyes you said,
"I'll remember them forever"
We got used to always seeing, the setting sun coloring the rows of cherry blossom trees
And as we begin to walk towards the future,
we'll hold each and every one of these memories in our hearts
Until you reach the place of the dreams you've envisioned
Don't ever give up
You are flowers that have yet to be named,
but I want you to grow stronger and never give up no matter what

Someday, when the time comes
to look back down the path you've walked
I want you to have grown stronger and have not given up,
like the flowers that bloom in the field
One of these days,
we'll meet here again, so until that day...
I want you to grow strong and never give up,
like the flowers that bloom in the field
I want you to grow strong and never give up,
I want you to flourish... (1)

*Notes: (1) sakitai... literally, it means "i want you to bloom" but he is saying it to the effect of, "i want you to grow and flourish" because he wants them to grow stronger as they grow up.

P/S: i got this translations from gackt's fan website. not my own materials but it help me to understand this song better and i also wanted you to. the singer, Gackt is a japanese and you may find out more about him from Wikipedia, and Virtual Japan.

i love love love this song very much. simply because it is beautiful, both in melodies and lyrics. it also has a wonderful meaning especially about our good old school days.

Gackt, his singing just pierce into my hearts. i can never get enough of him. he has so much talents and good, cool personality. being a perfectionists and a very competitive person, you can always expect to get the best performances from him. he like to push himself to the limits. he can play various instruments, and acts too.

some people said he looks like a woman, which is not uncommon for jrock and jpop artists. but, i always see gackt as a lone wolf, cool beautiful mysterious lonely successful male artist. afterwards, from japan shows in youtube, i begin to see him more as an approachable person, a shy, humble, delicate, strong, funny, kind hearted, reserved, still lonely, and ... i just run out of words to describe him. haih... maybe the term 'hana yori dango' suits him better.

he is a big fan of martial arts, having trained in judo, karate, kick boxing and others. he is a little under 6 feet tall, with lean body, and has the bad habit of smoking. gackt prefers night to day, hates sweets, and prefers candle light over electric. it is said that the only lights on in his home are always candles.

he also had a pet dog and a cat. this one here is belle, his pet dog that deceased some time ago.

however, being a typical female fan, i prefer to see different sides (or the softer side) of this lone wolf. that is why i always search for domoto kyoudai, heyX3 and utaban shows in youtube to watch gackt interviews and talks. he is a non-believer in marriage. haha... why am i not surprised. i believe he is a straight guy despite all those fan-based rumours.

ok, moving to his discographies, so far, i like the songs no ni saku hana no you ni, kono dare mo inai heya de, last song, love letter, orenji no taiyou, arittake no ai de, redemption, kimi ni aitakute, seven, todokanai, tea cup, illness illusion, black stone, white eyes, and soleil. there are still more of his songs, but i am not able to get to all of them yet. as time goes by, i will listen to all of them. besides, i think him leaving malice mizer in 1998 and went solo was a wise step. he has his own band now called GacktJOB. gackt begin to open up more when he is doing solo.

why do i like gackt so much?
he is talented, mostly as a singer, also as an entertainer.
hard worker,
true to himself,
his deep voice,
his belief in himself,
successful yet humble,
him being a martial artists,
his coolness,
unintended jokes,
sometimes make cute innocent remarks,
he can be funny at times.

i just love Gackt. there is much more to say about him but, this is as much as i could think of to say about him right now. i will keep on rooting for gackt.

P/S.S: photos are taken widely from internet, no violation of copyright or originality are ever intended. this post is dedicated to gackt fans such as myself.