Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Zettai Kareshi - Night Tenjou by Hayami Mokomichi

first of all, zettai kareshi a.k.a absolute boyfriend is among many of Watase Yuu sensei's famous works and definitely one of my top favourite mangas. Night Tenjou is my absolute male character in all Yuu sensei's works. yeah, i prefer that robot than others! i just like him so much that it is still capable of making my heart skips and jumps faster whenever i look at this picture that i steal from onemanga half a year ago. hehe...

introducing Night Tenjou from Kronos Heaven

oh, my God!!! i am so helpless... look! look at this one too...

the most ideal absolute boyfriend. haha...

waaaa... or should i say kyaaa...? haha... i am so excited. not in the bad way, okay!

well, maybe a little. kakaka...

Soshi Asamoto, Riiko Izawa, and Night Tenjou

i was looking into a forum and found out that at 5th of April year 2008, Fuji TV first broadcasted Zettai Kareshi drama series nationwide in japan. the main point is, that we have live action absolute boyfriend now!!! yippiee... yeah... happy happy me... or that was how my first reaction went. there are differences in the story line and characters between manga and drama of course. but, i think i can still handle it. haha...

live action Zettai Kareshi

Malaysia CD and book stores are selling this baby nationwide. oh, my God again!!! how should i express my excitement and anxieties? i have mixed feelings. part of me want to watch this manga turning into live action, another part feel uncertain as the live action may spoil what i like in the manga. some japanese movies are just plain boring as the flow of their stories are too slow. what i really truly like so far are GTO by Takashi Sorimachi as the devil Eiikichi Onizuka and Power Office Girls or Shonumi starring Makiko Esumi as Chinatsu Tsuboi. anyway, i still do watch other japanese dramas though.

moving on, i noticed that my Night Tenjou was being acted out by Hayami Mokomichi.

the picture said it all

this name does not ring a bell but he look familiar. so i took a closer look and...

now i see ;-)

hahaha... this guy starred in Gokusen 2 before.

Gokusen 2 main casts

yea, i remember him now. the tallest guy in the whole class.

how could i forgot this tall, dark, and handsome guy. haiya... but, i have to say that his role in Gokusen 2 is minor while in Zettai Kareshi, he played my great Night Tenjou, the leading male character.

looking into Youtube, i think he did a pretty good job as Night. so, maybe i will purchase this set of DVDs for two obvious reasons.

one, to look at my Night Tenjou being brought to live and...

second, to watch my new found japanese actor, Hayami Mokomichi performing in this series. haha...

p/s: all photos are not taken by or originated from me. i use the world wide web baby.

Friday, October 17, 2008


while cramming for exams, we sneak some time for artistic activities. if you could call it an art. it was painless amateur tattoos. haha...

it all started when we were so stress out and my friend grab a highlight pen to colour on dai ga che's palm. dai ga che do not like me to identify her that way, so i will just call her lillian jie jie. haha... she is one sporting room mate and life is so much fun with her around to cheer people up as well as for my story telling sessions. hehehe...

back to the original topic, amateur highlighter and ball pen tattooing. let me proceed with photos since they tell the story better. the truth is, i am just plain lazy to type the whole things.

Ping Ping concentrating on her works

Ping Ping's fruit collections

'artist' at work, armed with stationaries.

my signatured drawing, a rose with butterfly

Ping Ping was unsatisfied with her fruits and redeem herself with this, notice the number 86.

thus, i have tattoos on both palms, do not dare trying to read it or you are so going to be curse for life. haha...

love this one, look at those neglected notes as background and my almost carpal syndrome mark

Lillian contributes with Trunks from the infamous Dragon Ball series

she just have to go to the extremes. haih...!!! [-.-!!! ]

Thursday, October 16, 2008

two birthdays in a go

hello, hello, hello.

exam is finally over. hmm... what a big gap of time since my last blog entry. yes. i know i am a bad blogger. haha...

okay, let us see what interesting events have occurred in my life so far.

had 2 weeks of final exams recently. between those weeks, celebrate 2 girls birthdays. both are my lovely housemates.

first is Qin Yee mei nu. we had a small buffet and steamboat at her friend's house. she is not just a pretty face, but can also cook and is a jpa scholarship holder. yes, she is a rare gem and already has a boyfriend.

then, there was Sei Sei's birthday.

sei sei the birthday girl

we went to bukit beruang Family Heritage restaurant, first floor western cafe. the decoration inside is simple yet soothing. suitable for family gathering and also friends hangout. it is a clean, small and air-conditioned premise. i am also impressed with the food. they taste as good as they look. we had chicken cordon bleu, breaded chicken chop and marinata spaghetti. we wash it all up with lipton earl grey tea, recommended by mei nu. for dessert, it was Sei Sei's birthday cake of course. haha...

chicken cordon bleu

marinata spaghetti

Sei Sei's birthday cake

lipton earl grey tea

everyone had a good time. we were there for more than two hours, from 6pm until the sun went down. wondering why it was such a long meal? it is because, we were camwhoring... haha...

Sei Sei and her roomie, Ping Ping

and with Qin Yee

grabbing on Pauline, oops i mean holding onto Lillian

having a taste of the tea

there are still more photos but i better keep them to my own amusements. haha...

that was all i could think of so far on what to post. may be going out with friends tomorrow to celebrate our bliss of freedom and relief after exams. hehe... i hope i did not flunk any paper. oh, dear.