Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Back from BuddY Mini Camp.

Reached my Melaka house yesterday at around 2.30pm. It was a wonderful yet short camp. Met new friends. Had lots of fun and definitely learned something. A nice experience that I will treasure. Hope to join such a camp more in the future. Get to play on the beach and with sea water on the last day which conclude the whole trip with a great end. =D

Actually, from the activities and interaction with some new friends in this camp made me think again about my future, relationship with people and also myself. What do I really really want from myself and others? How should I change to have a better life? Yes!!! I do need some changes in my life since I am not so happy with it right now. I am thinking and thinking... I also found some people that I admire for their courage and attitude toward life. How they seems so decisive with their actions and how brave they are to be different from the crowds. It is wonderful to see that they are all such close friends even if they are different from each other. As always, I am the one who like to sit back and observe people. haha... They are a fun and reliable crowd to be with.

My laptop is currently with CK. He help me to reformat it and I know that it is in good hands. haha... Therefore, I am using my sister's computer to blog and play. hehe...

I will be going back to my hometown tonight. Meet my family and maybe some old friends. I missed out the recent secondary school reunion in Pasir Puteh. In fact, it had been almost half a year since I last went back to Kelantan. Kind of miss it now. Looking forward to see some familiar faces. Oh, yeah!!! I can collect another Coke glass tonight while waiting for the bus to arrive. haha... By going back to my family, I am usually cutting myself off from the cyber world. That means no blogging, no facebook, no onemanga, no movies and no J-rocks. duh...

Anyway, anyhow, I will be back from Kelantan after 2 weeks. Going to face a new trimester again. For now, enjoy your holidays and just go do something crazy because life is too short to regret it later. haha... Bye bye.

p/s: got a new eye candy... =P

Saturday, October 10, 2009

to Port Dickson.

I am going PD tomorrow with the society members. It's a mini camp. Can't wait. I think I kind of over packed my bags. haha... Hope everything turn out well and let's have lots and lots of funzzz... Plus, remember to learn something from the camp. haha...


Thursday, October 08, 2009

Fillet Masak Sambal.

I made what I said I was going to make today. Fillet Masak Sambal. It is much better this time than the last one. I think it's because I took a longer time to "tumis" the sambal. haha...

Seriously addicted to facebook. The games, the quizzes, and the videos. Many of my friends are posting interesting videos in their profile and so do I. Sometimes they are the same videos because I think they are worth sharing. That is why I am looking forward to see more interesting videos being shared in facebook.

Some examples:

I haven't played Pokemon for ages now. Trying to get back to it. Will be going for a camp this weekend. After that, going back to my hometown. Having mix feelings about them. Anyway, hope it's going to be fun and more funzzz... haha...

Adios. See you next time.

End of Delta sem 1 life.

Final exam is finally over. Went to Sushi King and ate too much. =P All because I was too greedy for the unagi. lol... Next time will just concentrate on unagi and don't want to order a set meal anymore. haha...

Just before blogging, I had so many things to share out but once I started to log in everything flew away. Typical.

All hell break loose with the end of examination. Warggghhahahaha...!!! That means more time for my leisure activities. I have always love playing games, reading manga and watching movies. However, my new found interest right now is cooking.

Cooking seems like making a love potion to me. Adding different ingredients together and season it with various spices will produce many amazing stuffs. Could it be that I was influenced by Clamp in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles? haha... Not to say that I am such a good cook though. I am still learning. haha... Don't think that it is good enough to show to others. There are still rooms for improvements. ^o^

Today meal is going to be Fillet Masak Sambal again. A simple and low budget dish. Apa-apa pun, janji kenyang sudahlah. =D Why fillet? Because I tak pandai siang ikan leh... =P

I made Tom Yam soup before. It was too sour for me but just nice for my sister. I prefer a spicy one. Foods that are not spicy are not food at all. hahaha...

My new resolution is to go jogging every morning. Kind of doubting myself in doing that. =D

Okay, that's all for now. Going back to my slumber. Till my fingers meet keyboard again and with the internet line not letting me down. See you. Go enjoy your life. =D