Friday, July 25, 2008

custom made wallpaper

this is my first time making my own wallpapers. i got this crazy idea out of being stress on the coming midterm exams, which i always have. it is to my own taste and pleasure. hehe...

first attempt; using ttplayer

finally, something i like, using winamp

the tricks are just simple print screen and paste method.

on the second picture, can you identify who is who and what is what? haha...

Sunday, July 06, 2008

new printer

there is an it fair inside mmu campus. it begun from 4th to 6th of july. i got myself a new printer since the old one was broken. this new baby is actually an older version of canon pixma printers.

meet my ip1300, which costs me RM95.00; was it cheap? i am not sure? i only hope that i will last much longer than the previous one. hopefully up to 10 years.

yesterday was fun. friends from cyberjaya came for a visit after not seeing each other for about a year. we went dataran pahlawan and portugis settlement for some kodak moments. but, i do not have the photos now. we shop until we drop, haha... and we also snaps some photos in between.

lunch at shibaraku was somehow quite dissapointing. the first time i went there, the meats were properly chopped and served. but, yesterday was uneven and oily. the dinner was good though. bbq pork rice and mee hoon soup in a chinese restaurant at around 8.30pm.

foong, mei nu, and jia wen

foong, jia wen and yin fung

with yong chiann and ling ling in the consultation room (^.^)

all these are old pictures. we miss them a lot. will probably go to see them by the beginning of a new semester. still in planning.

i am glad that my moral studies assignment 1 was done and over with. the title was child protitution and it was interesting to discuss about. haha... will be doing applied electronics assignment proposal next.

thats all for now. see you next time.