Saturday, April 25, 2009

it is ON !!!

fuh... i had a cold war with my roomie today.

it was my fault anyway. i was extremely late to lunch. they waited for me for an hour and even ordered chicken rice for me. the thing is, i did not ask them to wait or help me to order anything. however, my gravely fault is that i also did not tell them to not wait for me before i went to shower ( by the way, i showered for about half an hour. hehe... kanasai... ) duh... i should have picked up the phone and said:

"dun wait for me yaa... i dun wan eat oredi. wanna go shower now. u guy eat baa..."

what made matter worst was when i went to the shop and instead of apologizing, i said: "why order for me?" woah!!! that really add oil to the flame lor...

haih... yup, i know it is my damn fault and i apologize about it. sorry........

the good news is, she have forgiven me just now. haha... yeah. thank you for not being mad for too long. if not, i don't know what to do leh... but, to have to bear her hatred even for just half a day is really dreadful. gosh, i really thought the world had stop spinning! lol...

erm... why did i feel so bad about it? aside from it being my mistake, it was the first time that we have such an uncomfortable situation. so, i really have no idea on how to deal with it. there have never been anything like this between us for almost 3 years. and it just happened she is about to leave in about a month. duh... really regret it.

again, i am sorry and thank you for forgiving me. yeah, now everybody officially know that i am such a jerk.

p/s: tell you something, i actually haven't return home since lunch. lol... was feeling scared leh...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Lucky Number Nin9

as i promised before, after i am done with my Techno-P or Cyber-P project, i will talk a little bit about it here. just to share some ideas and opinions.

my friends and i were not interested to sell food and drinks for our project. selling clothes are not a good idea either. so, we came up with an idea to have a little mini fun fair.

our group name is Lucky Number Nin9. haha... Nin9 because there were 9 of us. Lucky is for hoping either players a.k.a customers or us will be lucky in the games. we thought of a few games and decided to go on with 3 types of games for our booth. which were Tin Tower, Hook Ur Luck, and Guli-Guli.

~Tin Tower was where players try to collect points by knocking down a 4 level cans using 3 balls.

~Hook Ur Luck required players to throw rubber bands onto nails with points marked on them.

players then claimed prizes according to points they got. meanwhile,

~Guli-Guli was a simple guessing game. players had to guess the amount of marbles in a transparent container. RM1 per guess and RM10 as reward if plater got the correct answer. haha... they were quite something, huh. a few players actually did guess the correct amount of marbles.

each person contributed RM50 as modal and by the end of the day, we get our modal plus some profits. well, it was a fun week anyway. haha...

however, i have to say that our booth rent for the 4 operating days are expensive. total rent was freaking RM250. haih, those commitees were really...

the rent made me speechless. hahahahahahahahaha.................

Thursday, April 09, 2009

わたし の はいどさん。

i am having this seductively smiling picture of Hyde as my wallpaper but my friends are complaining that he look like a girl.

where got? i do not think Hyde look like a girl at all. look... みって ください。

VAMPS is Hyde solo project together with a guy named K.A.Z

Hyde's alter ego in P'unk~en~Ciel

so, will you please tell me now which part of him is girlish? i just could not see it. to me, Hydeさん is really すごい と かっこい ですね。

and he can be funny too...

as vocalist and main song writer in L'Arc~en~Ciel

photo shoot during Theater of Kiss in Paris promotions


anyway and anyhow, Hydeさん is and will always be my favourite japanese rocker. remember to check out their latest release of the Theater of Kiss concert DVD.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


i have been using facebook since the beginning of this trimester, around February this year. all thanks to my cousin who live in Australia. i never meet her in person actually, but we are keeping in touch using facebook now.

there are many interesting features in facebook that you may get addicted to. haha... as for my friends and i, we are hooked on Pet Society. we like to take those weird quizzes available too. like asking "who were you in past life", "when will you get married", "which x-men characters are you" and so on. i know it is lame but, who would not take on such easy quizzes. it is just for fun anyway.

well, among all those applications, i love Pet Society the most. my darling pet name is FiRiea.

in living room ready to greet friends visiting

in bedroom wearing St Patrick outfits

happily taking a bath

i first made him a male, but since there are many cute female clothing that i cannot help but let him wear them. haha... he is still all male and not gay though. i do not wish to change his gender either.

during Easter celebrations

in the playroom

i still have far to go in Pet Society. have to earn more money to dress FiRiea up and decorate the house. haha... sometimes i bring him to stadium to have fun earn some money.

we also go to cafe to meet new friends.

or just wander around the city and go for treasure hunting. hahaha...

other than this, my friends and i are also playing SuperPoke! Pets, friend for Sale, Farm Town, and Restaurant City. anyhow, i love Pet Society the most. a new addictions i guess. however, i am still very happy with it. haha...

Thursday, April 02, 2009

April 2009

as time goes by, i still remain unchanged. except for my weight. duh...

it is April now and final exam is just around the corner. i MUST absolutely do much much better than last time. God bless...

oh, ya... forgot to mention earlier in this trimester. i am taking a subject called Cyberpreneurship or the lecturer prefer to refer it as Technopreneurship since we are engineering students. haha... must sound more advance maa... our bussiness project is slightly different. we are offering other kind of products. well, i will let you know how it goes after the end of this trimester. so, be patient ya...

well, that is all of this crappy post. i just want to post something so that nuffnang would not stop ads in my blog. lol... thanks for your time and remember to help me click click on the advertisements.

domo arigato gozaimasu.