Sunday, November 25, 2007

the beginning...

my first scribble on this blog.
wow... i had move forward i guess. starting from blogging in friendster, i proceed to using blogger, with more features and applications. however, what matter most is the contents itself.
there is still some impr
ovement that i need to do here, but i am running out of idea so far.
looking back into my previous blog website, i mostly tell about my heartfelt and all those nonsense emotional unbalanced experiences i had. hopefully this time, my blogs will describe me in a much better way. not the emotional and clueless brat like back then. nevertheless, it really was the old me. just hoping that i did grew up from those life encounters, into a mature and wise young lady. that is my wish at least. ha ha... there is nothing wrong with a girl wishing for something good for herself. as long as nobody else was hurt by it.
well, that is all for now. see you in the next posts. take care and so long. adios.