Monday, June 02, 2008

manga obsessions

this is the first time i blog from my hometown. yup, it is semester break and i am in my parent's house having a typical holiday. haha...

my latest obsession now is manga. well, i first started to read a comic book since my primary school years. but, i am able to enjoy it more with today cheap and convenient Internet access. hehe... right now, i am reading "Rurouni Kenshin" by Watsuki Nobuhiro. the story line is really interesting. a hitokiri become ruruoni and vowed to only wield reverse-bladed sword, or sakabatō to protect the helpless. maybe Wikipedia can help explain it better.

meanwhile, i admire Yuu Watase works such as the famous fushigi yuugi, fushigi yuugi genbu kaiden, ayashi no ceres, zettai kareshi, imadoki and alice 19th. there are more actually, but these are my favourite so far. i love the story, drawings and probably because it is a shoujo manga. i even bought fushigi yuugi dvd recently. nice, nice. i am now waiting for fushigi yuugi genbu kaiden dvd to be released. not sure when though since the manga is still ongoing.

another shoujo mangaka is Mitsuba Takanashi who i knew through "Akuma de Sourou". this manga was made into a life series by some taiwanese actors. i prefer the manga version. when i was reading this manga, the leading male character reminds me so much of hyde from l'arc~en~ciel. but, i later found out that he was modeled after hide from x-japan band. haha... how weird of me to think like that.

about this manga, i was kind of disturbed by it storyline. step-siblings from different parents fell in love and get married in the end. weird... if you ask me. however, most of my friends are okay with it as long as the boy and girl are not blood-related. well, whatever. it is just so weird to me. i only like the drawings. and the author is also famous for her fashion senses. all her characters are nicely and wisely doll up.

long live manga. yeah!!!