Sunday, November 09, 2008

welcome back to mmu

how was your 3 golden weeks holiday? some may had interesting events happening in their holiday while for others it could be just the same old boring-time-wasting-too-short-to-be-called-a-holiday trimester break. i belong to the latter group. typical, huh?

anyway, i did manage to cross out a few things that i planned to do during that holiday. no need much elaboration. what i enjoyed most is the indian curry banana leaf rice at meena restaurant in kota bharu. yup, exclusive in my hometown only. haahaa...

one more thing, going back kelantan and visiting a friend 2 weeks ago was quite shocking. i recently found out that her dad is in comma. he got stroke and was hospitalized 2 and a half months ago. had an operation and is now at home since last month. he was still in comma when i last visit their house. he is responsive but unable to wake up. i pray and hope he will recover soon.

actually, i was dumbfounded during that visit because i just do not know what to do in that situation. what should i say to make my friend feel better? how should i react to the news? i am just clueless. so, i pretty much keep quiet and try to help around during my short visit there. hmm... not much that i could do.

i was also thinking that... i just do not know what to think.

dear God, please keep my family and friends in good health and brilliant mind. may you bless our daily life and forgive our arrogance and ignorance. we are helpless human being who always forgot about you until when we need you the most. amen.

no, i am neither christian nor muslim. does it really matter anyway?

all in all, welcome back to lecture class, tutorials, assignments and exam papers to all my mmu friends. let us do our best for this new trimester too.

best wishes and good luck. go go go !!!