Wednesday, March 18, 2009

sweet EP

duh... i am now in MMU CITS computer lab downloading some stuffs. the internet services in where i am staying really suck. guess i should have come to this lab much earlier. anyway, i am going to move out of EP for next trimester. hohoho... bidding sayonara to dear dear EP.

let me tell you something about EP, and of course there are always two sides of every story.

the bright side of EP:

  1. very very near to MMU, say 1 minute walking distance? well, it is just opposite MMU main gate but is far from Law School.
  2. have all your basic needs in one place, because eating outlets, groceries shop, computer center, hair saloon, and eye wears shop are just at the ground floor.
  3. RM195 per month for twin sharing including internet fees, water and electricity bills. will be penalize if your bills exceed certain amounts.
  4. free cleaning services.
  5. there is a laundry services inside the building, RM2.00 per kilo is considerable cheap and you can usually get your clothes back on the next day. i like the laundry ladies the most.
  6. the handyman is very nice, will help repair any damaged lamp or plumbing system.

now, come the ugly side of it, hahaha... :
  1. troublesome security procedures every time you enter or leave EP compound.
  2. very hard to bring friends in when you need to do some assignment discussions, have to register first and use the back gate only! damn that overreacting stupid guard. you have to freaking circle the whole building if you are coming out from campus. very silly.
  3. damn, i hate the guards the most!
  4. RM195 rate (twin sharing) is applied to every kind of rooms, no discount even if your room is at block B which is very very smaller compared to the one at block C. they save the best for guys only. definitely is a gender discrimination, damn!!! the same goes for anyone staying in the OVEN room, no big windows like other rooms except small one that face the kitchen. it is freaking hot, man!!! they should have come out with different rates for different kind of rooms, but why should they care when they freaking know that people are still going to rent it out :P
  5. rents are to be collected in every 3 months, meaning you have to pay RM585 in a go. ouch!!! it hurts.
  6. no, you cannot cook inside the house.
  7. the internet is free, but it is very slow............... what a shame.

number 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7 in dislike is my main strong reasons to move out of that building. for the advantages, i only like number 1, 4 and 5.

well, i guess i am just tired of staying in EP. time to move out, baby.

one more thing, it really is much cheaper to stay outside. renting a room or house can save you more money. plus, you can get the whole room for yourself. of course it depends on what you are looking for and how you manage your priorities.

as for me, i am looking forward to stay outside with housemates that i can choose on my own. lol...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

master room with air-cond RM220

not so sure if my blog is getting people attentions much. haha...

as mentioned above, i am now offering an air-conditioned master room at RM220 per month for renting in June this year.

  1. location: Taman Bukit Beruang - 5 to 7 minutes walking distances to MMU
  2. rate: RM220 per month
  3. type: master room - may get yourself a roommate if you wanted to
  4. furniture: air-conditioner, washing machine and fridge
  5. availability: 1st of JUNE in year 2009
  6. feature: biggest room in the whole house - can accommodate up to 2 or 3 people
  7. additional: friendly and cheerful housemates ^o^ - a house full of happiness
any enquiries can be forwarded at:


P/S: the room is taken...

Monday, March 09, 2009

so bad

today is public holiday for it is Maulidur Rasul. i forgot what it stands for... :P
which mean i have 3 days of free time, Saturday, Sunday and Monday... and i should have been making full use of this opportunities to settle all my unsolved solvable business. still, i just... =.=

haih... is there any solid, definite, extreme and good unselfish way in which i can change into a better person or a step closer to it? i do know what i have to do but, i just could not get myself to obediently do what i ought to. it is just so frustrating and devastating to myself... and this is not a freaking first time.

jeez... God! i am such a failure and a damn loser!!! fuck it all. damn! i am so mad at myself!!!

opsss... did i just used the f word. damn. before you go into any conclusion, just make a decent research on how the word F.U.C.K originated from first... :P

my rommie said that i should just as well proceed with the f word in this post since i really am an impolite, rude person according to her. haha... so, i am just being true to myself here? am i that vulgar of a person??? oh, no!!! where did all my ladylike qualities went to? that provides if i have any... =X die, die, die...

p/s: dun trust my roommie...

Thursday, March 05, 2009

tag tag

my virgin tagging... ( hope it does not sound too weird, but who cares anyway =P )

Let's tag tag tag.

Here's how it works.
1. write ten things about the person who tagged you.
2. write ten things about yourself.
3. find ten person u wanna tag.

1--> ten things about Jia Wen ~~~

1. Jia Wen is a girl if you are wondering =D
2. She is not single.
3. has a few pets, like Nike and Ayam.
4. very cute.
5. I first know her through Kim Foong because we were housemates in EP.
6. love to drink Shandy.
7. a very good girl, no late night outing, no drinking, no gambling, no smoking, no clubbing, and no drug of course.
8. I can see that she loves EH very much.
9. currently studying in MMU Cyberjaya.
10. I hope she still listen to PCD. haha...

2--> ten things about me ~~~

1. birth name is Lay Hun and surname is Lee.
2. was in Sekolah Kebangsaan.
3. learning my broken Mandarin informally from friends, if you hear me speaks Chinese, please do not expect me to read or write it lor... haha...
4. love to learn languages actually but why most 'bahasa' teachers are very 'garang' ?
5. opss... gained a whole lot of weight but have not been reducing it yet.
6. does not handle chores properly.
7. love spicy foods the most.
8. love to love.
9. hate laundry the most, must have washing machine (whoever created it is an awesome genius)
10. extremely friendly to closest friends only. hehe...

3--> I want to tag ~~~

1. Jessie
2. Pei Fen
3. Asmice
4. Cindy
5. Kim Foong
6. Yin Fung
7. Yeong Chiann
8. Koo Pig
9. CK Tan
10. Mei Yin

thanks for reading up to here. haha... :D