Sunday, December 28, 2008

I turn 22 today [^o^] V

hello world! i am officially 22 years old today. hmm... should i be happy? most girl does not like to have their age known because it show how much they have aged, but... well, i guess i have not reach that stage yet. haha...

anyhow, this is the day i should be thinking back and front about my life so far.

of course there are many mud-poles and obstacles which i really really should take as firm reminders to not repeat those same old stupid mistakes and wrong-doings again. yeah, i did fell flat on my face twice! it is very regretful and i ought to correct those bad habits and laziness for my own good. i owe myself some redemptions.
still, many good things did happen too. when you lost something, you must be gaining something else, right? so did i. i got to know something i was not sure of before. the price is high thought.

i could be and should be doing a better job. enough of time wasting!!!

there is many to come... which i shall face with head held high and fully prepared. future means hope too.

today birthday is quite special for me. having my best friends bought me some fun. best of all is to have someone to celebrate my special day with me. it means a lot to me.

we watched a movie is called "Australia" leads by the ever lovely Nicole Kidman, and this year 2008 sexiest man alive Hugh Jackman. my verdict on this movie is, it is just MARVELOUS baby. some may compare it with the movie 'pearl harbor', but no no no. they are totally different. i am just absolutely in LOVE with this movie. needless more babbling as you better watch it yourselves for this movie really worth it. by the way, it runs for 3 hours mind you. better not drink too much during the movie or you will have to go to the bathroom like i did. haha... miss some good parts of the movie. haih...

all in all. today is one of my great days. thanks to Jessie, Pei Fen and Joanne.

tomorrow will be out with housemates for a steamboat or so is the plan. haha... looking forward to it. oh, yeah! i have not update on my last Singapore trip yet. hehe...

P/S: latest birthday wish is to get a place in Dean list.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Singapore, here I come !!!

just had my last mid-term paper today, and in less than 5 hours i will be leaving for Singapore. it is just a short trip actually, but i am still very excited because... it had been ages and ages since my last out of Malaysia trip. hahaha... well, the main focus of this trip is to visit NTU of course since it is a university based trip. anyhow, i am looking forward to it.

however, after this 2 days and 1 night trip, it will be time to catch up with assignmentsss... there are 3 assignments left. all due in a week or two. haih... nevertheless, i must enjoy myself to the fullest at Singapore first, then come back and face those terrible assignments. hehe... :P

okay, see you when i am back. not yet finish packing. adios...


p/s: i guess it is just not my style to "xoxo"... (^o^) but still, mmmuakssszzz.............. because i am so happy right now. haha...