Saturday, June 13, 2009

going to Delta

Hey, hey, hey,

How is everybody doing? Enjoyed your holiday? I sure did, with family visiting my sisters and I here in Malacca. haha... =D Anyway, it is now time to switch on the study mode button, which need to be warm up for about a month. lol...

Today is Saturday, 13th of June. In two days time, I will become a Delta undergraduate. Hmm... what new about it? Well, I am kind of nervous and a bit excited about a subject called Mini Project. It is an elective. Between Mini Project and Multimedia Technologies and Applications, my friends and I decided to go with Mini Project. Of course we have to produce a functioning hardware and software by the end of the trimester and it is challenging to me, but the good part is that it does not have any written test or final exam paper. So, it is all practical and technical. Therefore, I am so looking forward to this subject.

Plus, I will also be taking a subject called Law for Engineer. Haizzz... not so thrilled about it. I have seen my friends and sister studying law and it is like hell. You have to memorize so many things. All the names, dates, and facts..... Woah... just thinking about it almost make my head wanna pecah!!! duh...

Other than these, I am welcoming my Delta year with open heart and arm. Looking forward to meet my friends again, and new assignments. lol... Learn from the past and hope to do better today so that I can have my very best future.